Shadows of the Damned: as its Developer Sees it

This newly released game, Shadows of the Damned, is a result of close, triple partnership between Electronic Arts, Grasshopper Manufacture and the reunion of the latter with Shinji Mikami, the producer of Killer 7 for Capcom. Mikami equally distributed his action-horror expertise between this new game of Grasshopper's, and another, completely separate project with Tango GameWorks owned by Zenimax.

During the last week Game Developers Conference at an Electronic Arts event Mikami expressed his approval of the pleasant visual style Grasshopper performs all its great games with. What Mikami himself was largely responsible for in this Shadows of the Damned project was the right, tight and fun-evoking gameplay. Yet he claims that this game wouldn’t feel too outspokenly Mikami-like, but rather would make the first impression, that of belonging to the Grasshopper game collection.

There is a slight resemblance of Shadows of the Damned to Resident Evil (provided one is familiar with it). But it’s definitely not a Makami but a most genuinely a Grasshopper game. Electronic Arts was distributing heart-shaped buttons at their event (an unfailing and unmistakable symbol of romance) – an act that so pronouncedly diverged from the Shadows of the Damned’s manliness and outrageous violence. And this act quite naturally brought forth the baffled question of whether Shadows of the Damned is a love story?

Mikami’s answer to this question was that there are two sides to it. There is a clear love theme present in the game but not exactly that of a romantic type of love. As Mikami put it, it is “a very adult type of love” and this red line passes through the entire game and is definitely conveyed in quite certain aspects. For instance, an example of this "adult" type of love is that a man can be easily fooled by a huge, monstrous demon wearing the shape of his girlfriend as a costume.

During the interview with Mikami the subject turned to another one of his violent, idiosyncratic action games, that of 2006's God Hand. This reminding made Mikami laugh and he did admit that would like to make a sequel to God Hand some day. Mikami even said that someday he would make a spiritual "sequel" of the game in order to get around the Capcom-owned IP.