Meeting the Newcomer, Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Marvel Vs Capcom 3, released just a month ago, has been a long waited for game both for casual players as well as Fighting fanatics. This package Capcom provides rivals any other fighter on the market as well as beats the best of them in terms of its presentation. Every player, no matter a Marvel fan or a Capcom devotee, are sure to find something to their taste in this game. Previous varieties of the game had air juggling, famous combos that occupied the entire screen, and a numerous variety of characters

In Marvel Vs Capcom 3 the former number of 56 characters is shrank to 36.Players choose three fighters to stand as a team and they fight against human opponents or an A.I. (computer controlled). All the fights are carried out on 2D platform only and the players can control movement in three directions: right, left and up. Fighters can also fly up into the air and fight in the stratosphere. The game doesn’t boast any chains of complicated moves of technical fighting. On the contrary, what MVC prides itself about easy-to-learn moves that are largely the same for all its characters.

The latter possess a set of basic commands every one of them can perform as well as several unique moves (commands) that can be used in combination with the basic ones. Among the few advanced techniques there is one that allows swapping of any of the three combatants of the player’s team, using the controller's shoulder buttons. This will enable the injured fighters to heal while their teammates fight on. MVC3 traditionally (like in its previous releases) has characters that are better suited to a definite kind of situation than others.

For instance, the Gamma Crush move of Hulk's that will raise the ground below the opponent resulting in massive damages, or Wesker's flying super move that bounces the enemy across the screen. Another novelty that Capcom has introduced is a new game play mechanic with MVC3. It is called "X Factor" and was designed to give the losing party a bit of edge capable of turning the course of the battle. X Factor can be activated - by pressing all the four face buttons – only once per game. It allows cancelling out super combos for a short period of time.

Watching the graphics in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - a mix between detailed 3D models and stylized cell shaded effects - is a true feast for the eyes as well as its audio is that for the ears.