The Facts Behind Bulletstorm Sales Success.

Since its launch late last month Bulletstorm has registered pretty successful sales, but what stood behind this success and actually provided for it was the criticism of Dr. Carole Lieberman.  The statements of this best-selling author and multiple Emmy Award-winning psychologist brought forth a tempest of protests that attracted still more attention to this new product and fostered sales.

What Dr. Lieberman has been claiming for a long period of her professional career is that the growing level of violence in media accounts for the growing level of violence in our society. She doesn’t retract this statement notwithstanding the fact that it was presented in a article in not quite correct, torn out of its context form. What was presented on this internet resource was that such violent games like Bulletstorm bear the responsibly for the rising rape incidents. And this statement became the one Dr. Lieberman became known by to the majority of gamers, who immediately started responding in sincerely and openly violent way by pouring a storm of negative comments and Amazon-bombing her books.

What agenda Fox was really after by fueling such emotion and creating such stir in the society and among gamers, was that of creating a most sensational atmosphere over Bulletstorm that was just about to be released. Her comments, taken out of context, sounded provocative and sensational to the gaming community and brought to light the tremendous changes the latter has undergone during the years: it became  more aggressive and more sensitive and intolerant to criticism about their behavior. And the internet is a safe and easily accessible space for expressing one's rage in an anonymous and unpunishable way.

That sounds pretty much like Fox was promoting Bulletstorm, and not only Fox alone, as Dr. Lieberman thinks Electronic Arts, the game's publisher, was standing behind this act. When looking at the already saturated marketplace it becomes quite apparent how much effort it will take to introduce another new product and attract gamers’ attention to it making them buy it. In this context it is obvious that the statement placed on FoxNews was no coincidence but a perfectly timed PR action to prepare the audience for the Bulletsorm’s appearance on the stage.