Kinect’s 10 Million Plateau and Some New Offers

Microsoft developed Kinect hardware and software motion sensing device was acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as "the fastest selling consumer electronics device" which in its first 60 days alone sold 8 million units – an absolute all-time high for consumer electronics devices.
In the light of this achievement Microsoft presented the following of its new Kinect offerings upcoming this spring.

Avatar Kinect . Designed for Xbox LIVE Avatar Kinect introduces a new level of social interactivity and entertainment, opening another creativity dimension for ordinary users as well as social networkers to associate with their community. The main idea of Avatar Kinect is that of bringing an Avatar to life. The users will be able to control their Avatar’s expressions and movements, such as speaking, nodding, frowning or smiling. The power of Kinect allows interacting up to seven contacts. It allows also capturing and further sharing via Facebook of animated videos as well.

Body and Brain Connection (NAMCO BANDAI) is an excellent, fun exercise for both body and mind, quite challenging for players of different ages. Its mini-games, ranging from memory, logic and math to physical-orientation and reflex exercises, are fast-paced, using all the motion capabilities of Kinect for Xbox 360. Developed in close collaboration with a well-known Japanese neuroscientist, Dr. Ryuta Kawahima, this game is presently available on Xbox 360.

Michael Jackson The Experience (Ubisoft), this ultimate interactive game, enables its players to be show- stars, requiring  no microphones or controllers and using a selection of Michael Jackson’s signature amazing dance moves and the extensive catalogue of his songs. This game is expected be available on Xbox 360 in mid-April.

Child of Eden (Q Entertainment/Ubisoft). This multi-sensory shooter, designed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi for Xbox 360, offers a new dimension of controller-free immersion into a fast-moving, bright matrix of astonishing visuals synchronized music. This several E3 awards winner will be available later this year.

The Gunstringer (Twisted Pixel Games) for Xbox LIVE Arcade. On an epic Wild West stage the players will puppeteer a marionette to revenge on its enemies, exercising quick draw shooting skills - all controller-free. “The Gunstringer” will be launched this spring.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (THQ) action-packed, epic adventure video game is expected for sale this May on Kinect for Xbox 360.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do (2K Play), available only for Kinect for Xbox 360 since mid-April, is a selection of 20 new games and attractions for the whole family.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment). Only for Xbox 360. This is a funny family adventure with problems to solve and life lessons to learn along the way. Expected for sale this autumn.