Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Upcoming with an Incentive of New Weapons

Expected to arrive on July 5, 2011, this game is down on Xbox 360 and PS3. With less and less time being left till the arrival of the game on the store shelves D3 Publisher increases its endeavor and adds up more heat into the product’s marketing. For this third-person bug blaster, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, D3's senior producer, Brian Etheridge, announced on the US PlayStation blog about a couple of pre-order incentives, such as a downloadable content pack of "Pounds of Pain" that contains 15 new and different weapons for those who pre-order this game from GameStop.

This incentive offers as a special treat such weapons as Grmhegern Spitzer B for the EDF's new Battle Armor; RLF-17 Floorboard Rocket Launcher as an addition to the Trooper Armor’s arsenal. Another treat offered in case of pre-ordering the game from Best Buy, is the "Death From ABove" DLC pack comprising of 15 new weapons which are intended mostly for use with the Jet Armor. The highly accurate Wallagis 1776L heat-seeking missile launcher and the electric flamethrower-like Neptanzer QH Proto are among the weapons in this pack.

These pre-order incentives are not included in GameStop's Xbox 360 listing yet, thus there is every chance that are exclusive to the PS3, tough the fact that the word "exclusive" hasn’t been mentioned in the videos or Etheridge's blog post devalues this fact. The other interesting information on the blog post was that of shedding light on the approach by which more than 300 weapons of the game were developed by D3 and developer Vicious Cycle. One of them, as stated in Etheridge's post is that the game absolutely lacks any dramatic aspects with complicated RPG storyline or moral choices.

The series is all about making the gameplay into a fun: the player is dropped into a level where they are attacked by enemies - LOTS of enemies – and the only option available is to shoot. And pretty much of every shot item blows up in some kind of a fantastic way. Skyscrapers is represented with a single rocket, and the feeling it gives is that of undeniable sheer power (which is slightly ridiculous, too). In EDF Insect Armageddon there is even more stuff to blow up. While creating these weapons the developers have utilized a wide range of visual effects, spreads, sound effects, shot patterns, and rates of fire - all to give an impression that these weapons differ from one another significantly.