Bulletstorm, the Macho Most Favorite.

This muscle and no brains, macho-fest Bulletstorm is about Grayson Hunt, a space pirate, who gets trapped on a planet plagued with mutants. The aim of his trip to this planet is initially that of attempting to revenge this sadistic General Sarrano who used to be his employer. In this attempted revenge and in the result of a terrible plane crash they both end up smashing onto this once-paradise of a planet.

And here starts Grayson’s quest to get off the planet with the help of Ishi, his half-robot friend. Together they shoot, kick and leash their way through hundreds of bad guys. The speech of the characters generally sounds abhorrent: they speak like vulgar teenagers (with quite a successful voice-acting), exercising a lot of creativity in substituting curse words into more common phrases. On the long run one gets used to this manner and it stars sounding rather funny, though obnoxious.

Bulletstorm is a more sophisticated version of an ordinary sci-fi first person shooter. It may seem one at first glance particularly in the way it encourages players to dispatch enemies in a more creative, crueler manner. Simply running around the area and shooting bad guys wouldn’t get the player anywhere far in the game. Thus unloading a clip into an enemy’s chest until he stops moving would be awarded only the pitiful 10 points, while kicking him into the air and then blowing his head off is awarded up to 100 points. And the result of killing too many foes for only 10 points will be that the player won't be able to buy better weapons or improve his skills. All the points earned by skillshot are put into the player’s bank to be spent later on ammunition, weapons, leash upgrades, etc.

The player’s chances to survive depend immediately on how many points he has on his account. The selection of weapons includes a range from a sniper rifle with each bullet being controlled by the player to impaling drill. All the weapons in the selection come with a list of weapon-specific skillshots of their own. The exciting campaign Bulletstorm provides and the exceptional twist on first-person mechanics make it an excellent addition for shooter fans, quite enjoyable for the period of several months it is most probable to last.